Our Approach

  • Using volunteer help, funds are raised in the community to support programs in local agencies that benefit people in the Boyertown area community. The local agencies are non-profit and each must meet a rigorous set of eligibility requirements to become (and remain) a member agency.
  • An annual fund-raising campaign is conducted from mid-September through the end of November. The campaign is chaired by a volunteer from the community who may also be a member of the Board of Directors. This Campaign Chair is assisted by several division chairpersons and many team member volunteers who are responsible for soliciting within a defined group of businesses, professionals, residential and others in the community.  Contribution goals are set for each group, and for the campaign as a whole and progress is reviewed in meetings throughout the campaign period.  Campaign groups and goals have changed over the years reflecting the change from many larger employers who needed help running their own internal campaigns to many smaller businesses with fewer employees per business who need to be contacted.  This loss of some of our larger businesses in the Boyertown area has also forced the campaigns to increase their focus on residential and designations back to the Boyertown area.  To continue to help meet the expanded need for service agency support, the campaign goals have increased over the years from $3,000 in the 1930’s to well over $300,000 in the early 2000’s but fallen back to the mid $200,000 in the 2010’s due mainly to the loss of some major businesses in the area.
  • Year-round, the Marketing & Social Media Committee provides leadership in carrying out the Board of Director’s vision of building a caring community by developing and implementing a plan to keep the community informed and involved in the activities of the United Way of Boyertown Area. The Events Committee sponsor/participate in events like the Unity Walk, No Place for Hate Day and the Philadelphia Ave. Street Fair and give periodic press releases to keep the community informed on their activities and events.  The Volunteer Committee is always looking for community members to help at United Way events and help support the United Way of Boyertown Area in our mission to help the community.

Our Story

The United Way of Boyertown Area has a long history of supporting the local agencies that provide much needed services to the Boyertown School District Area. As far back as 1932, community volunteers raised funds for the Boyertown Community Chest to benefit Boyertown service agencies.  In October 1958, it was rechartered as the United Community Chest Fund of Boyertown Area and renamed the United Way of Boyertown Area in 1979.  It is a tax exempt, non-profit organization registered with the IRS as a 501-(c)3 organization. During it’s over 85 years of existence, it has performed a function identical to other community-based United Ways throughout the United States

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